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Katherine A Kendall

Stay curious. Keep learning.


Who I am

I’m a User Experience Designer with a User Research background. I play well with others, and love to learn from users as well as colleagues. My definition of bliss is understanding problems and crafting the best end-to-end experiences to solve them. The detail level of features is important, but how those features live together and tell a story is what defines an experience.

I should also mention I’ve worked in Agile and startup environments, and in the fields of finance, broadcast media, hospitality, and manufacturing.


What I do

User Research

Experience Design

Tools & Techniques

Contextual Inquiry

Open-ended interviews in order to study and analyze how users perform tasks, what tools they currently use, as well as environmental factors.

Mental Modeling

Visualization comparing users’ real-world tasks and processes against site content to maintain business alignment and identify gaps and opportunities.

User Personas

Customer archetypes that capture behaviors, mindsets, and goals in order to focus teams on designing for real users, not personal tastes or preferences.

Journey Mapping

Representation of a user’s full set of interactions with a company or service to uncover opportunities to address pain points or unmet needs.

User Testing

Iterative testing of wireframes, prototypes, and fully-functioning products; recruiting users, developing scripts, facilitating interviews, and presenting results and recommendations.


Rapid creation of screens in any format in order to test with users, learn, and quickly iterate.


Selected works

HelloWallet Mobile Bills Mobile Bills Mobile · User Research
User Testing User Research
User Personas User Research
HelloWallet User Insights User Insights Portal User Research
HelloWallet User Journey User Journey Map User Research
HelloWallet 3 Minute Plan Three Minute Financial Fitness Survey Web
Introduction Email and Landing Page Email · Web
Animal Planet Home Page Web
Petfinder Redesign Petfinder Redesign Web
Petfinder App Petfinder iPhone App Mobile
Dog Breed Selector Animal Planet Dog Breed Selector Web
Petfinder Mental Model Petfinder User Mental Model User Research
Thumbnail MyDiscovery Discovery Ultimate Sharks iPad App iPad
Thumbnail Discovery iPad App Discovery Channel iPad App iPad
Discovery Networks TV Show Sites Web
Discovery News Web
Thumbnail Petfinder Admin Petfinder Shelter Administration System Prototype Admin System
Discovery Networks Video Experience Web
Discovery Networks Video Search Web
Marriott Hotel Search Web
Marriott Hotel Custom Event Web Pages Admin System


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